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This is the Country Quiz!

You may not know it, but people all of the world are curious of other countries and the people that reside in them. Do them a favor and answer a few questions; you will be surprised how similar we all are!

So, what is your name?

Do you have any nicknames?

Nice! What country do you live in?

Oh really? What state, district, town, etc?
-Bath, Somerset

What language do you speak?

And your accent?
Not sure, my mum says its 'oxford english' which pretty much means just southern english.

What is your heritage?
On my mum's side it's mostly English however there's a bit of Welsh in there. From my Dad's side I'm english and then a quarter Jewish Russian.

So what are 5 bad stereotypes your country is known for? Are they true?

1. That it rains here all the time and we spend stupid amounts of time talking about the weather. It rains sometimes, but not excessively. We do complain about the weather quite a bit though.

2. Everyone being polite and uptight. This isn't true at all. Except some of might be a bit more contained (in general) than some other countries.

3. Tea. I do know people who like tea but we don't drink it that much.

4. That we're all rich and posh. No truth in this what-so-ever.

5. That we have those big red buses you sometimes see in London everywhere. That's only in London and there not even that common there.

Nice! Thanks for clearing that up. Now list 5 good things about your country/ its people.

1. London (and other cities). I love the atmosphere, particularly in London. It's very iconic and has such a large variety of people which I love.

2. The countryside, I love being able to drive out the city and meet countryside really quickly.

3. Music, new bands and old. The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, Blur, Pink Floyd, The Smiths, Queen, David Bowie, Robbie Williams (:D) etc. etc.   

4. British fashion.

5. Film, theatre and TV. Danny Boyle (my favourite director), History Boys, Misfits, Doctor Who, Shaun of The Dead ect. etc.

That is pretty cool! Now list 5 more things your country is known for.
1. Tea again.
2. Punk.
3. Literature e.g. Shakespear, Oscar Wilde, E.M. Forster...
4. Harry Potter.
5. Food like Roast Dinner, English breakfast, fish and chips.

What countries are closest to yours?
Ireland and France

What do you think of the first country listed?
The men who come from there have the bestest accents <3

What about the European Countries?
There pretty nice from what I've seen, I've been to places like France, Italy, Spain and Greece. The place in France was one of the most beautiful I've ever been to.

And the Americas?
I love a lot of american films, I've known some nice American people and I love Lucky Charms.

Cool. So what is your opinion of the Middle East?
I don't know enough about the troubles to make any sort of judgement so I'll steer clear from that. I'll just say countries in the Middle East seem beautiful from what I've seen on films ect.

Who did you vote for in your country’s previous election?
I couldn't vote as I was and still am too young.

Name the political parties in your country.
Lib Dem, Labour, Concervative. Amongst other random ones.

Which one are you?
Probably Lib Dem, but I used to support Labour.

Have you ever visited another country? If so, which one(s)?
America, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Cyprus, Germany and Austria(except I don't remember that one).

Is your country experiencing any problems at the moment?
The recession, and usual shit.

Are you worried?
Mostly just that there gonna but up Uni fees and get rid of EMA.

Is everything else in your country okay?
I guess.

Good! Now, tag three people to take this quiz!

I don't know how to tag people :(
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